Hello all

Pop in and say hello!
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Hello all

Post by Mitch_frs »

Hey everyone mitch here,

First of all a little about me.

Absolute ford nut but love anything that is poised ready to eat the road up. Recently purchased (2years ago) a clapted out mk1 focus rs. It was in dier need of a overhaul after being sat up for a while and just need some major love. Knew I wouldn't be able to get back in the market so had to go this route.

The next two odd years have been sorting out a long list of things and as always it's never ending. So it's had sills, rear arches, front wings, bonnet, slam panel, new brakes all round, new tyres all round, clutch, cambelt, full coolant system has been replaced and many other bits.

Finally got it back on the road a few months ago and have had some niggly bits to be sorted (expected after being sat up for so long).

Anyway getting to the point.... Now its running I want to start enjoying it and that's by using it for what it was designed.
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Re: Hello all

Post by verysideways »

Hi Mitch 👋
Dan H
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Re: Hello all

Post by Dan H »

Hi Mitch,

Welcome along. Sounds like a mammoth project, well done. Got any pics to share?

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