Alps & Pyrenees 2016

Tours we ran in 2016
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Re: Alps & Pyrenees 2016

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Haha, Glenn, I'm glad my rear end made such an impression on you, it was certainly fun while you were chasing it...both of you!! Almost put me of the Doris spotting :)

Would love to see the vids when you get them done, my selection of pics are good but some gopro and your super camera will no doubt show them up for the HTC rubbish that they really are.


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Re: Alps & Pyrenees 2016

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Nice to catch up with you guys in Le Mans - made for an interesting evening in the Square with the football finals!!

Fantastic tour as ever. Great people, great cars and super roads.

Thank you Pete and Dan.
Uncle Paul
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Re: Alps & Pyrenees 2016

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A bit long and no sign of any Doris but here is my first video of the tour - Dave,Dave,Dave and me on the Col du Galibier:-
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Re: Alps & Pyrenees 2016

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Dear Lord! I was breathing in a lot during that video! I'd forgotten how narrow some parts were.

So that's what 400BHP looks like from the windscreen. Nice!

Really glad you posted this video because that's the day my GoPro was mounted on the bonnet and shut down all external operations for no good reason. Several breathtaking miles of standby...

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