About Us

We firmly believe that a driving holiday should be just that – plenty of driving but still a real holiday. That means taking you to the best driving roads we can find, and ensuring you have the opportunity to enjoy them.

You shouldn’t have to worry about where the next fuel stop is, or what to do if a road is closed, or whether all the hotels know that you’re allergic to cheese and wine. It’s your holiday, just relax and enjoy yourself. Let us take care of the details.

Our tour managers have years of experience of planning and running these types of tours all over the world, with well over 300,000 tour miles travelled and hundreds of happy customers. Here are some comments from previous tourers:

“…one of things that amazed me was that you literally turn up with your passport and the whole thing just happens around you! So well planned and put together.

Pete Osborne has been planning, booking, and running driving holidays full time since 2009.  Pete is famously known for his ability to slide a car with one hand on the wheel whilst calmly discussing the mechanics of resetting a Garmin satnav system over the walkie talkie with the other hand.  Anyone who has been on tour with Pete will be familiar as to why he is known all over the internet as “verysideways”.

A keen driver and motorcyclist for over 20 years, Pete’s passion has always been rear wheel drive cars (with some bias towards 911’s and anything with a BMW badge on it!). Rumours that he was spotted at the wheel of a front wheel drive car in 2012 remain unfounded.
Pete has an encyclopaedic knowledge of every decent driving road in Europe and is using his knowledge to hone, caress and mould every single tour we run to perfection.  If he doesn’t think a road is worth driving, we won’t go there. With Pete at the front of each tour, you know you’re in safe hands.

A petrolhead from birth, Dan Hale had the usual toy cars, Scalextric, radio control cars etc. It’s something he’s never grown out of, it’s just that the toys got bigger; as a teenager drifting the ride-on lawnmower in the snow and driving cars on farms when given the chance. Like Pete, Dan also favours rear wheel drive as a more challenging and rewarding steed, and has had various motorbikes over the years. Having a father who was a mechanic meant Dan would often be in the garage helping out, so if you have any problems on tour we have a good chance of getting you going again.
Sadly he’s unlikely to be bringing a Veyron on tour any time soon…