Q: What can i do to protect my beautiful paintwork from damage?
A: Plenty! From decent equipment for washing your car, to a full detail or even paint protection film.

When looking for professional automotive detailing and paint protection services, Auto Curators should be your first choice.

“We are experts in paint defect correction, such as swirl marks and scratches, finish restoration, and use a wide range of products to enhance and protect the appearance of your prized asset. From our HQ near Hook in Hampshire, or our branch in East London, we offer a well equipped Studio, or bespoke bookings via our mobile service, nationwide.

***Exclusive discounts available to Petrolhead Tours customers.***
Visit the Auto Curators website by clicking their logo:


How can i make my car faster and safer at the same time?

A: Easy! Driver training.

High performance driving course specialists Total Car Control provide fully bespoke road-related training to help you safely gain maximum enjoyment and confidence from driving your sports car.  Protect your investment and revel in the journey.

***Exclusive discounts available to Petrolhead Tours customers.***
Visit Total Car Control’s website by clicking their logo:



Here is some feedback from Petrolhead Tours customers:

“The course showed me the truth behind the saying that the most cost effective car performance upgrade is driver training, and has convinced me to cancel the £3,000 of upgrades that I had planned” – Paul B

“I am delighted with my progress and, when my wife asked if I thought the day was value for money, I told her that you get what you pay for, and I consider that I paid for the best tuition I could ask for” – Ian M

 I’d love to buy a car to come on tour but i don’t have anywhere to keep it. Can you help?
A: Yes! What you need is a professional, dedicated car storage company to keep it safe and ready to roll.

We’d suggest giving Pride & Joy Storage Solutions a call.
Ask for Matt, tell him we sent you.

“Based in Gloucestershire, Pride & Joy Storage Solutions Ltd. offer a highly secure, fully insulated and dehumidified storage environment for your motor car. We pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients, and their cars, first.”


My family doesn’t quite have the dedication to sports cars that I do – do you have any recommendations for them?
A: Why not hire a campervan and retrace the tour route at a more leisurely pace? That way you can all have a family adventure together and you can show them, in a more relaxing way, what they’re missing?

Our friends over at Camping Secrets have tons of useful information, from reviews on tents and stoves to information on UK walks… and even camping crosswords! What these guys don’t know about camping and campervans isn’t worth knowing.

Q: What sort of walkie talkies do you use on tours, and where can i get one?
A: We use Mitex General walkie talkies, and you can get them here: