Norway ’23

Norway has to be seen to be believed. In such a large country, with such a small population, you are able to experience miles and miles of spectacular views, with fjords and waterfalls to accompany every daily adventure. And the roads? Wow.

With years of experience of road trips to Norway, let us show you the highlights of this wonderful country.

Tuesday – Come and meet your tour managers dockside in Hull on this Tuesday evening, as we prepare to cross the channel to start our journey to Norway.

Wednesday – We’ll arrive in Rotterdam nice and early, which is useful as we have to get straight on the road and head north to Eemshaven to grab our next ferry. It’s only 200 miles but time is a factor so let’s get it done.

Thursday – After breakfast on board we’ll get off the ferry in Norway. We’ll leave Kristiansand and immediately head inland and away from population. It won’t take long for us to reach the perfectly surfaced and lightly trafficked inland roads… and our first stop is Lysebotn.
Often quoted as being one of the most dramatic, scenic, or dangerous roads in the world (we guess it depends on your choice of vehicle!), the Lysebotn approach road is quite remarkable… and certainly gives a taste of what is to come as we venture further into Norway.

Friday – We’ll continue north today and get further into Norway’s “interior”, with majestic waterfalls and stunning scenery around every corner.

Saturday – The Laerdal tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world, at 24.5km long. It’s an impressive structure for sure, but we won’t go all the way through it. The road over the top is much more interesting, and includes a spectacular view over the fjord at Aurland.


Sunday – No luggage today as we’re returning to the same hotel, in Loen. So, what are we doing today? Well, our loop begins with a quick trip down to Oye, before heading back up the valley to take a ride over the Geiranger fjord.


Said by many to be the most beautiful in Norway, the Geiranger fjord is also home to many waterfalls (including the “Seven Sisters”) and allows access to the mountain above the town of Geiranger, from where the views are truly magnificent.


From here we can also head over to the amazing Trollstigen (The Troll’s Ladder), which has to be seen to be believed. Standing at the head of a glacier-carved valley, the waterfalls and tarmac share space on the mountain side.


Monday – Now that it’s time to start heading south again, we’ll stay away from the tourist traps and enjoy the majesty of the Norwegian interior. With such a large amount of land and such a small population, Norway enjoys a quite amazing landscape, including the ash road;


Tuesday – We’ll continue to make progress towards the southern coast again today, ensuring we enjoy the sights and smells along the way.


Wednesday – A dash to the coast today and back on the boat this afternoon from Kristiansand to Holland… and relax.

Thursday – Once we hit land in Holland we’ll head south to Calais to grab a late afternoon Eurotunnel back to the UK, giving us time to get home and into our own beds.

What’s included?
– Dinner, bed & breakfast for 6 nights in hotels
– Overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam
– Overnight ferries between Eemshaven and Kristisand (out and return)
– Return Eurotunnel crossing from Calais to Folkestone
– Loan of pre-loaded satellite navigation units and powerful walkie talkies
– A souvenir route book
– Services of our two tour managers

What’s not included?
– Lunches, drinks, fuel, fjord ferry tolls, etc.

How much?
£3599 per person, based on 2 people sharing a twin or double room and 1 car
+ £800 solo driver supplement
+ £600 single room supplement

Norwegian Navigation – Tuesday 6th to Thursday 15th June 2023

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