Spain (& Portugal) ’23

Blessed with a superb climate and some interesting topography, Spain is certainly worthy of a visit. The food, the atmosphere, and the stunning natural lay of the land provide endless options for exploration.

For 2021 we made the whole tour a day longer, by including a loop day midweek to incorporate one of our new favourite roads in Portugal. Worth it!! So that’s one of the things we’ve kept for 2023… although most of the rest of the tour is reversed! That’s right, we’re running it BACKWARDS 🙂

Monday – Make sure you’re at the Portsmouth ferry terminal by 19:30 this evening because the boat will leave at 21:30 and it won’t wait for you!

Tuesday – A gentle day relaxing on the ferry, perhaps with some whale watching thrown in? The Bay of Biscay can be absolutely beautiful.

Wednesday – When you arrive in Spain (at 08:00!) you’ll drive off the boat and straight into a full day of driving today to get to the foot of the Pyrenees.

Thursday – We’ve got a whole day of Pyrenees playground time today, heading west along the mountains and diving in and out when it suits us. One of the highlights of the morning is the Port de la Bonaigua, a favourite of Carfection’s Henry Catchpole;

We’ll end up on one of our favourite roads, leading us into one of our favourite hotels…


Friday – A nice stretch through the hills above the coast today, heading away from Barcelona and towards Valencia. We’ve got plenty of fun roads today with some tricky technical stuff and some wide open stuff too. Whatever you fancy, we’ll do it all today.

Saturday – We’ve got a long way to go today, to get us from one side of Madrid to the other in the most painless way possible. We’ll have a couple of hours of fun this morning, then scoot past Madrid on the motorway, then have another couple of hours of fun roads on the way in to our hotel at Guadalupe.

Sunday – We’ll head cross country this morning, bypassing Salamanca on the way to the lakes around Trujillo. Once again the roads are fast and flowing and the tarmac is deserted. `Tonight’s accommodation is a little bit special…

Monday – You can leave your stuff at the Fort today as we’re popping into Portugal and then popping back to this amazing location. Want to know where we’re going? We’re going to the highest point in Portugal, as per our friend Henry’s advice:

Tuesday – Time to leave the fort and head north, taking a little corner of Portugal with us as we head for the wonderful Monforte de Lemos. This place is special, but the journey there is equally special.

Wednesday – Into the hills and eventually the mountains of the Picos Europa.  The roads are largely deserted, the weather is consistently excellent, the roads are very well kept, and the scenery is almost as good as the driving. Onwards, to our spa hotel (fed by naturally warm spring waters!) – make sure you bring a swimsuit…. and if you’ve forgotten your swimming hat they’ll make you buy one!

Thursday – We have to be in Santander late morning today… but first there’s some proper driving fun to be had. Are you coming?

Friday – Rest and relaxation aboard the ship home back to Plymouth (10:00 arrival). Plenty of time to discuss the week’s events with your fellow tourers and get over the hangover from last night’s party, before the drive home and a night in your own bed.

What’s included?
– Hotel accommodation for 8 nights, with dinner and breakfast included Return ferry crossing between UK and Spain, with upgraded (outside window) cabin
– Loan of pre-loaded satellite navigation units and powerful walkie talkies
– A souvenir route book, polo shirt, stickers, key ring and pen
– Services of our two tour managers

What’s not included?
– Lunches, drinks, fuel, etc.

How much?
£2799 per person, based on 2 people sharing a twin or double room and 1 car
+£500 solo driver supplement
+£500 single room supplement

Spanish Safari – Monday 17th to Friday 28th April 2023

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